Our officers and other management roles are as follows:


The Chairperson is responsible for the overall leadership and management of the Branch. He/she is responsible for chairing all Branch and Officers’ business meetings and ensuring that they are run effectively.

Ringing Master

The Ringing Master is responsible for the efficient planning and running of Branch Practices, primarily for the benefit of Branch Members. He/she needs to be aware of the state of ringing at local towers.



The Secretary is responsible for organising the annual programme of Branch activities and maintaining the Branch diary throughout the year.  He/she maintains the Branch Email User Group and collates information on attendees at Branch activities, providing analysis and feedback to inform future programmes. The Secretary publicises Branch activity via the email user group, the Branch website, Bellboard, and The Ringing World (as appropriate), and prepares reports of Branch activity for Odd Bob and the ODG Annual Report. The Secretary is responsible for the distribution of the Guild publications and correspondence and for coordination of Guild events when held in the Branch (as per the 15 year plan). In consultation with the Chairperson, he/she compiles the agendas and supporting material, and takes Minutes of the Branch and Officers’ meetings. The Secretary attends the ODG General Committee Meetings and Secretaries’ meetings.

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The Treasurer handles all Branch financial matters, liaising with the Independent Assessor to produce assessed annual accounts for the AGM.

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 Membership Secretary

The Membership Secretary is responsible for contacting all towers in the Branch to obtain and transmit annual Guild subscriptions and to maintain an up-to-date record of ringers at all towers. He/she ensures that all the required certification of new or renewed members occurs and maintains the Branch Contacts database of all present members, tower captains and tower correspondents. The Membership Secretary provides the membership and statistical data required annually for the Guild report.Ros 4Aug2022 v3

 Deputy Ringing Master

The Deputy Ringing Master assists the Ringing Master, in particular by running selected Branch practices, whilst also providing feedback as to the state of ringing at local towers.

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Young Ringers’ Organiser

The Young Ringers’ Organiser arranges and runs practices and other ringing events for junior members of the Branch whilst complying with the requirements of the ODG Safeguarding Policy.

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The Webmaster is responsible for the timely addition or modification of material regarding Branch activity to so as to maintain a fresh, dynamic and inviting web presence. He/she raises with the IT Manager any technical issues identified.

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IT Manager

The IT Manager is responsible for the development of the website and for technical advice and assistance regarding any IT issues eg Branch email addresses, the Email User Group, the Branch calendar. He/she liaises with the Guild Server Manager and his/her Assistant as required.

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 Newsletter Editor

The Newsletter Editor produces regular editions of the Branch newsletter, receiving contributions from Officers, towers and individuals, and ensures that it is circulated via the Branch Email User Group.

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 Guild Representatives

The Branch Representatives provide interaction between the Branch and the Guild, taking Branch matters to the Guild Committee meetings, and reporting back from Guild meetings to the Officers’ Meetings and to the whole Branch via articles for the Branch Newsletter and/or by reporting to the Branch AGM or Half-yearly Meeting.

  • John Davidge
  • Jan Galloway
  • Angela Darvill

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