Reading Branch

We're going through some changes right now, so some things may not be where they normally are. For now, use the link below to navigate to the "old" site while we get the new one up and running. Sorry for any inconvinience
Take me to the old site please
I want to use the new site

What's going on?

With many of our website visitors accessing the site on mobile and tablet, we want to make this a smoother and more friendly experience. Also, we want to make our site easy to update so that it remains the place to go for all infomration on what is going on in the Reading Branch. Please to be patient while we make these changes. If you have any feedback or comments, please do get in touch.


Why have you kept the old site up?

We recognise that the old site contains a lot of information. While we migrate that across, we understand you may wish to access some of this information. For that reason, we have given the choice to go and use the old site while we are in the process of adding the information to the new site.

I liked the branch website the way it was - why change it?

Many users now access the website on mobiles and tablets. The "old" site did not provide a user-friendly experience on such devices.
In addition, the new website doesn't require any technical knowledge when it comes to updating, meaning more of our members can update content. In turn, our members get more content, more regularly.
Finally, the way the site was written was good at the time, however web technoloies have moved on rapidly, and we don't want to get left behind.

Why don't you have <INSERT YOUR IDEA HERE> on the new site?

If you have an idea of a feature or page you want to have included, please do let us know - we'd be glad to hear from you.

When will the new site be finished

The website is being developed in an agile way, and so theoretically is never "finished". I do, however, hope to have the bulk of it to an acceptable standard in the next month or two.