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Ringing Groups Rehanging Recasting and Augmenting  

Ringing Groups

Banbury Ringers on the steps of St Mary's church after ringing for the relief of Mafeking during the Boer War.


Outside Banbury Tower late 1940s early 1950s.
From left to right Edmund Pearson (Deddington), Rex Grainge, Harry Bishop (Banbury), Stan Grainge, Jack Bishop (Banbury), Audrey Grainge, Jack Simmonds (Banbury), Tom Impey (Banbury).













Believed to be a Branch Meeting at Steeple Aston in the 1950s.         

In the first picture 2nd from the left is H L Roper (Adderbury). In the second picture first from the left is Harry Adams (Lower Heyford).

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Rehanging, Recasting and Augmenting

Banbury bells rehung 1897

In 1897 for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Gillett & Johnston rehung the bells and added 3 new clock bells. The carillon was renewed and enlarged to play 21 tunes. Above the bells are outside Beales (later Blinkhorns) photographic studio in South Bar.

Adderbury bells rehung 1927

By 1927 the wooden frame was in a poor state and the bells were unsafe.

The bells were rehung by Taylors in a new steel frame.

Banbury bells recast and rehung 1930

The bells were recast and rehung by John Taylor and Co. The 8 bells were replaced with a ring of 10 and 2 extra semi tones for the clock. Above the bells can be seen arriving from Taylor's Foundry at Loughborough.

Somerton Bells rehung 1931            

Rehung in 1931 in a two tier cast iron frame by  Taylors of Loughborough.










The 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and Tenor were hung in the bottom H frame and the Treble and 4th on the top with pits for two additional bells.











The treble was cast by Taylors and the fourth by Henry Bagley III. The remainder were cast at the Chacombe foundry by Henry Bagley I.

Bloxham bells rehung 1956

In 1903 the treble and second were added to the 6 but shortly after installing all eight bells ringing was prohibited  because of the movement of the tower and spire. Limited ringing resumed in the late 1940s and the bells were rehung in 1956. The photo shows the bells on the tower floor. Before rehanging they were rung from upstairs.

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